Maine: Brews and Brrs

Happy new year, y’all!

We are back from our Maine jaunt visiting our friend, Zach, and are now prepping for our final days here in the US before our trip. But first, lets reminisce about our frigid frolicking in ME.

Ah, the frigidaire of the United States. Maine was both beautiful and blisteringly cold (is that a thing?), but worth it all the while. Our destination point was the tiny town of Newcastle and its neighbor, Darmariscotta. Our drive in was under the cover of darkness, so we didn’t have much of a chance to appreciate the scenery. All we could really make out was the glittering of the snow under the light of a nearly full moon.

But the next day, oh the next day, we got our chance.

Last sunrise of 2017

Here’s the view we had from Zach’s kitchen. It was 7.

Behind the cozy white house, you see the Darmariscotta River, nearly frozen through, but somehow still flowing. Everything everywhere was covered in about a foot of snow and none of it did any melting the whole time we were there. Not complaining, just saying. It was something to behold.

After a warm breakfast of eggs, bacon, and Kathadin coffee (all prepared by our host <3), we trekked out into the cold for some Maine sight-seeing…well..mostly eatery visiting, but at least one sight was seen.

And that was the Pemaquid Light House outside of Bristol. Here is where some major tuckus freezing occurred.


Covered in snow, flanked by a steamy ocean, and whipped by negative degrees wind, we explored the tiny cliffside lighthouse park for all of 20 minutes before retreating to the car to regain feeling in our legs. That’s just long enough to have taken these photos & identified eight species of birds that didn’t seem to mind the cold all that much.

We spent the rest of the day in the company of our friends, Colleen and Pope, who always seem to be traveling where we’re traveling without meaning to. It was a highlight to our trip to get to meet up with them and enjoy some Maine lobster and beer. We visited Joe Lane Lobsterman for fresh Maine lobster (mine in mac and cheese, of course) where we learned it was too cold for Joe to go lobstering. Then, traveled out into the snow-covered woods to visit the small Oxbow brewery where we learned how to use frozen port-o-lets without getting tuckuses stuck. All in all, a lot of catching up and discussing future plans ensued and we look forward to the next time we run into C&P in some random town.

Last moonrise of 2017 at Split Rock Distilling

After parting ways and wishing wells, we headed to the Split Rock distillery under the watch of the MASSIVE full moon. Split Rock is an organic distillery that is growing rapidly! It’s also where Zach works. He showed us around the place, we tried organic gins and bourbons, and even got ourselves a sticker to put on the fridge at Mingo Point when we return! 🙂

At this moment in the evening, NYE festivities began. I’m sure anyone can imagine what all we got into, things like drinking local beer, eating delicious baked Pemaquid oysters and red snapper at the River Grill (the best NYE dinner EVER), trying beets for the first time on a salad, walking in negative degree weather to bars, watching one’s glasses freeze with breath condensation, seeing and hearing a Maine reggae-ish band, popping balloons, drinking blueberry champagne, and cheers-ing Maine-style to a new year, bub, but we won’t bore you with those details.

Our first meal of 2018 was breakfast at Moody’s Diner. Then, it was time to head back to CT. Thanks so much to Zach for hosting and Maine for its super cool (seriously) scenery.

super cool scenery

Tomorrow is our official last day in the US. In the evening, we will be heading to the airport and leaving for Ecuador. There are still a few minor things to get done on our to-do list, but we’re ready! Next time we write, it’ll be from the Cloud Forest!

Sayonara, 2017. Hola, 2018!

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